Season 1

Show 101: Up in Smoke
Where there's smoke, there's fire, and where there's fire, there's BBQU®. This show focuses on the art of smoke-roasting on the grill: grilled tomato gazpacho, ember-roasted baba ganooj, home smoked salmon, and smoke-roasted pears for dessert. [more]
Show 202: World of Steak
The professor takes viewers on an around-the-world tour of ways to cook steak. He begins with a Cuban recipe for thin steaks grilled with adobo, a garlic-lime marinade; next, from Mexico, a fiery recipe for Steak from Hell which features a fire-roasted salsa served over a perfectly grilled T-bone. And, finally, on to Viet Nam where grilled strips of sirloin are served in with fresh herbs and a spicy sauce in lettuce bundles. [more]
Show 103: Much at Steak
Learn how to grill the perfect steak, from an herb-butter crowned New York strip to an authentic bistecca alla fiorenta to wine and juniper marinated, wood-grilled, fork tender fillet mignons. [more]
Show 104: Stick Food
This week, shish kebab gets a college education, with a global look at stick food. Recipes for shrimp grilled on sugar cane, Turkish shish kebab, grilled asparagus "rafts," and cinnamon grilled peaches. [more]
Show 105: Fish Meets Grill
If fish sticking to the grill sounds like a familiar problem, the Professor has the solution. Learn the ABCs of fish grilling with cedar-planked salmon, halibut in a basket, grilled tuna London broil, and a spectacular campfire style bacon grilled trout. [more]
Show 106: Meatless Grilling
In the class, the Professor takes up the topic of meatless grilling. Grilled quesadillas; grilled pizza with mozzarella and basil; balsamic grilled portobello mushrooms; and a novel finale: "glazed doughnuts" (bourbon-glazed doughnut peachesÜyou won't even miss the meat! [more]
Show 107: Birds on a Can
A serious look at the latest craze to sweep the American barbecue circuit: chickens, duck, quail, even turkey grilled upright on a can of beer or soda. [more]
Show 108: Whole Hog
In much of the U.S. barbecue means pork. The Professor goes whole hog, literally, showing you how to make Carolina-style pulled pork, mojo-marinated grilled pork tenderloin, smoky bourbon brined pork chops, and, yes, a spectacular pit roasted whole pig. [more]
Show 109: Tackle the Tailgate
This show offers some new twists on American barbecue favorites, including herb-butter stuffed burgers, chili and cheese stuffed hot dogs, an eye-popping barbecued cabbage, and uptown s'mores. Tailgate picnics will never be the same! [more]
Show 110: Where's the Beef?
The Professor takes you on a world tour of beef on the grill, from English smoke roasted prime rib to Nicaraguan-style churrasco (grilled beef tenderloin) with chimichurri sauce, to French-style rib steak grilled in the fireplace, and for the finale, a smoky Texas barbecued brisket. Where's the beef? On the grill. [more]
Show 111: Healthy Grilling
High in flavor, low in fat, and mercifully short on preparation time, grilling is a great way to eat healthily, especially when the menu includes chicken yakitori, Thai grilled beef salad, grilled tuna with Greek-style zucchini, and grilled pineapple for dessert. [more]
Show 112: Fowl Play
If burnt skin and raw meat characterize your attempts to grill chicken, the Professor will set you straight. Learn how to prepare garlic lemon rotisserie chicken, spatchcock chicken with walnut dill pesto, classic American barbecued chicken, and a spectacular chicken breast under a brick. [more]
Show 113: Shellfish on the Grill
Move over shrimp on the barbie. Make way for scallops grilled on rosemary skewers, garlic grilled clams and mussels, and a spectacular whole grilled lobster. When it comes to shellfish on the grill, the Professor rewrites the textbook. [more]

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