About frappé - the Production Team

frappé, inc. has been producing cooking programs for public television in association with Maryland Public Television since 1984. Five times the collaboration has led to the James Beard Award for the best cooking TV series or special.

Charles Pinsky (Executive Producer/Director) Five-time James Beard Award-winning producer Charles Pinsky has produced a number of public television series, including Madeleine Cooks, Cuisine Rapide, Cooking in America, Cooking in France, Cooking in Europe, Chez Pepin, Jewish Cooking in America, Food as Medicine, Jacques Pepin The Apprentice, and Dessert Circus. He is currently in production with a new series: How to Cook Everything: Mark Bittman Takes on America's Chefs, scheduled to premiere on public television in Spring 2005.

Lewis Rothenberg (Technical Director/Editor) has contributed to frappé productions for almost ten years, lending his expertise to series including; Pierre Franeys' Cooking in Europe, Dessert Circus with Jacques Torres, and Jewish Cooking in America with Joan Nathan. With over twenty years in the film and television industry Mr. Rothenberg has worked on a range of programs - from broadcast shows including "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" and "Entertainment Tonight" to independent films like "A Cup of Coffee," for which won for Best Feature Comedy at the New York Independent International Film Festival in 2001. A Telly award-winning director, Mr. Rothenberg owns TNS Productions, Inc. as well as The Next Step Post a boutique Avid Symphony facility located just 10 miles from New York City.

Sam Shinn is an award-winning producer, and a director of photography and editor of documentaries whose work has been broadcast in over fifteen countries. In September 2000, he received a National Emmy Award as the producer and director of photography for Children of the Plague, a documentary for CNN about the children orphaned by the AIDS pandemic in Zambia. Since 1991 he has been the director of photography on numerous productions for PBS, NBC, ABC, A & E, The Learning Channel, Discovery Channel, Court TV and many international broadcasters. In 2003, he helped frappé win another James Beard Award as the director of photography for Great Wines Made Simple: Andrea Immer in Chile.

Craig Haft - A veteran videographer, Craig has created images for the small screen for the past twenty-two years. Mr. Haft's prototypical miniature and hidden camera applications has set the benchmark for shows like ABC's 20/20 & PrimeTime, CBS 60MIN. and DatelineNBC. Craig's creative camerawork has contributed to HBO's Emmy award-winning TaxiCab Confessions as well as to this series - through the revolutionary use heat resistant cameras - or what viewers will recognize as the GrillCam. Craig looks forward to season two and hopes to be able to show grilling from an even more interesting point of view.

Don Barto - Since the early 1990s, Don Barto has enjoyed an on-going creative collaboration with Charles Pinsky and frappé, providing the musical and sonic punch to a long and growing string of frappé television series and specials: Pierre Franey's Cooking in France/Cooking in Europe, Dessert Circus, Chez Pepin, Jewish Cooking in America, and most recently, Barbecue University®. Upon winding up a twenty-seven year career in Public Television, where he worked as a Staff Composer, Sound Mixer and Audio Producer, Don spent two years practicing his craft in the commercial sector (and in the processes, mixed and wrote the musical score for Divine trash, winner of the Filmmakers' Award at the 1996 Sundance Film Festival) before in 1998 forming his own music and audio production company, Soundriven. Joined by his son and associate, Don Barto, Jr., the two Dons and Soundriven provide sound and music services for a variety of television programming and commercial producers, including National Geographic, Discovery, The Food Network, and their home team, the Baltimore Ravens.

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